Jef Verheyen

  1. Seeing is feeling

  2. with the eyes


Welcome to this journey through the oeuvre of the Belgian painter Jef Verheyen. We think you will enjoy this multifaceted portrait of an artist with a profound eye for both material and light.


“Decreasing light is increasing darkness. Increasing light is decreasing darkness.”

Jef Verheyen, 1959

“My life has been a permanent dialogue with light; actually a rather nice title for a book.”


Jef Verheyen


“Jef Verheyen was a painter. His tool was the paintbrush, his material paint, his medium light, his inspiration the visible, and his chief precision instruments his eyes and his mind. […] Verheyen painted an essential distillation of his vision, a perfume of the visible, and his paintings offer their viewers possibilities of seeing something new, remembering things forgotten, and experiencing things they have never experienced before.”

Dirk Pörschmann, 2010

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